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Bound by Love

Bound By

Book 1

Fantasy, Erotic Romance
Set in the ancient, pagan days where myths and magic exist side-by-side with the mortal world. A kidnapped young fae woman looking for her mother. A demon warrior hell-bent on revenge. And a love that forges a bridge between two sworn enemies.

Whilst searching for the mortal mother who bore than abandoned her, Teelah, a pixie princess, becomes the unwitting pawn in a warrior's thirst for vengeance against her father.

Domhnall, a Fomorian from across the seas, is determined to bind his captive to him for eternity, thus dealing a bitter blow to his hated enemy. But Teelah's fearless stance and light-hearted spirit spark life into the black shell of his lonely heart. Now he hungers for more than her body.

With war looming and an enemy consumed by lust for power, will distrust and hatred destroy both their love and their lives?


Excellent Story. SE Gilchrist transports the reader to another realm with her beautiful writing. Bound By Love kept me turning pages with it's stellar plot and great characterization. Highly recommended and I'm looking forward to the next novella in this series.
Azar_2005_Tia on Amazon January 1, 2013