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Paying The Forfeit

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Book 1

Post Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Horror, Steamy Romance
In a post-apocalyptic Earth ravaged by the effects of climate change, three tribes struggle for survival in the desolate wastelands – the Lycanean warriors, the Freeber healers and something horrifyingly different, the Half-dead. And all covet the chosen race, The Purideans, and their protected life within the dome city, the Fortress.

When a newly-forged alliance sees her older sister pledged to the man Leila has fallen in love with, she flees her tribe in the wastelands and seeks anonymity inside the Fortress.

Years later, she learns her sister has refused to honour the agreement. The forfeit – another mate or a cache of the prized yellow sapphires – must be paid or her remaining family will be banished.

For Leila, the role of second choice is not an option.

With the sapphires in her possession, Leila must decide – pay up now, or keep silent and take one long, hot night with the mate of her heart.